ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation (SEAROX)

Mineral Wool Marine Insulation – Fire Class – A&H, Thermal / Comfort Insulation, Pipe Sections & Rocktight cladding (substitute for metal cladding). MWMB, MFMB INSULATIONS, insulation pins and washers, ALU tapes, facing etc

Self Levelling Deck Coverings, Screeds, Sound Reducing and Vibration Damping for Floors & Walls, A60 Fire Rating, Anti-Skid Flooring Systems.

Flooring solutions for ships and Offshore plateforms. Gerflor STREAMO is an approved product range of vinyl floorings and finishes dedicated to the marine market, fulfilling the fundamental requirements of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Vinyl Flooring for Ships and Offshore Platforms, combined with the Floorings, the interior finishes including handrails, wall protection, skirting’s, stair nosing’s for floors and walls.

Galley, Pantry, Bar and Laundry Equipment. Vegetable slicer, Vegetable Cutter, Spar mixers, Peeling machine, Slicing machine, Cooking kettle, ovens, Holding cabinets and drawers, Range, Bratt pan, Fryer, Toaster conveyor, Bain marie, Cold cabinet, coffee machines, Water boiler, Waste disposer, Dishwasher.

For more than 110 years, Minimax has been one of the leading brands in fire protection. The Minimax Viking Group boasts a current annual turnover of €1.7bn and employs around 9,000 people worldwide.

Deep Fat Fryer Fire Fighting Systems. KS 2000, galley firefighting system, galley hood firefighting system co2 system

Fire Class Accommodation Systems – Walls, Ceilings, Doors, Wet Units and Honeycomb Panels, Accommodation Packages with Furniture.

Class Approved Anti-glare and UV Protection Roller Solar Shades for the Windows. BOMB BLAST FILM, BLACKOUT BOAT BLINDS, ANTI-GLARE BOAT BLINDS (FABRIC), ANTI-GLARE BOAT BLINDS (FILM).

SPEICH company was born in Genoa in 1938. We used our knowledge in the field of optical processing for patent and produce the first clear view screen system. For several years the production of clear view screens was the main activity of the company. In 1959, following the request of one of the most ancient italian shipyards, Today SPEICH exports 70% of its production to 25 countries, is NATO and other navies official supplier.

Clear View Screens / Marine Wipers and Panels. Pantograph/Pendulum Wipers, Straight line wipers, Clear view screens, wiper Blades, Spray nozzles, solenoids

Life Saving, Fire Safety, Portable Onboard Equipment.

Elevation Innovation Inc. started building residential dumbwaiters and commercial dumbwaiters in July of 2005. Get our residential and commercial dumbwaiters fully Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified to meet all North American elevator standards.

Dumbwaiter (Lift) Systems

Bridge Chairs, Deck slides. Pop-Up RV Slim-Line, Quick Release RV, Magnus S flip-up chair,

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