AKO temperature regulators are suitable for keeping medium temperatures (eg water, oils, etc.) constant and can be used both as divider and as a mixing valve. They are characterized by a high degree of maintenance-free operation, exceptional serviceability and robustness. An exchange of the internal parts is possible – without removal of the control valve from the pipeline – on the spot. Incorrect assembly can be excluded. The temperature regulators can be used in any position.


The AKO 3-way temperature control valve with internal thermostats has, depending on the nominal width, a number of expansion elements, each equipped with its own slider. The strain elements are surrounded by the medium and absorb the temperature of the medium. The characteristic of the regulator is determined by the opening start and the full opening temperature of the expansion element. When the delivery medium reaches the opening temperature of the expansion element, this opens the one path of the three-way controller while the other path begins to close.

AKO Temperature Regulators are being equipped with easily replaceable internal wax-filled thermostats that absorb the temperature of the medium surrounding them at the measurement point namely into expansion and thus a change in path or length (the valve stroke). AKO Temperature Regulators do not require any auxiliary energy. At rising temperature and on excess of the opening temperature, the tube slider is being lifted off on the valve seat and opening path A to C, with the path A to B locking simultaneously in the same ratio. The change is being performed in proportion to the change of temperature of the passing medium.

AKO Wax Element Thermostat Valves are used by many renowned Turbine / Engine / Gear Box / Cooling Skid Manufacturers, in Lube Oil and Cooling Water Lines for Main and Auxiliary Engines, and DG Sets, Gear boxes etc.

Request you to kindly consider us for your requirement / replacement of Temperature Control Valves / Thermostat Valves of AKO make on your vessel’s Engines / DG Sets so that we can make competitive quote.


Also Available Special Designed Temperature Control Valves & Temperature Control Valves with External Sensor

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