Francis Searchlights Limited have designed and manufactured innovative, high quality and competitive lighting products since 1901. The Company has achieved a Worldwide reputation of the highest standard.

Search Lights, Signalling Projectors, Daylight Signalling Lamps, Aldis Lamps

ZĂ–LLNER pursues the ambition of making the traffic on waterways, Since 1946 the family business is a traditional manufacturer of acoustic signalling systems in the ship industry and it was able to become the world-wide market leader. The product portfolio ranges from high quality signal horns for ships of all length to luxurious models for mega yachts.

Air & Electric Whistle, Fog Light & Horn. Sound Signal Direction Detectors Elephant Ears, Flash Lamps, Indicator Column, Electronic Inclinometer, Signal Automation and Signal Switch, Bell and Gong and Sound Reception System.

Helkama Bica is a Finnish family enterprise specializing in marine, industrial and telecom applications. We have a solid track record in cable excellence going back more than 55 years. Together with our partner network we are able to supply the full scope of all cabling related needs.

Shipboard and Offshore Electric Cables, The Halogen free range of cables includes both falame retardant (IEC 603323) and fire resistant (IEC 60331 series, EN 50200 and Bs 8491) cables, Unarmoured and Armoured cables

PETERS + BEY, your expert for innovative navigation lighting, safety equipment and services in the maritime sector. PETERS + BEY is one of the leading manufactures of navigation lights worldwide. Due to steady innovations PETERS + BEY was the first company in the world which has developed certified LED navigation lights for vessels above 20 meter in length.

Navigational Lights, Panels and Luminaries, Lifebuoy PB-BUOY, LED-Navigation light, IMO Signs

SPEICH company was born in Genoa in 1938. We used our knowledge in the field of optical processing for patent and produce the first clear view screen system. For several years the production of clear view screens was the main activity of the company. In 1959, following the request of one of the most ancient italian shipyards, Today SPEICH exports 70% of its production to 25 countries, is NATO and other navies official supplier.

Clear View Screens / Marine Wipers and Panels. Pantograph/Pendulum Wipers, Straight line wipers, Clear view screens, wiper Blades, Spray nozzles, solenoids

Protecting people at sea, their assets and the environment is our mission. For over 40 years we have been developing and installing Fire Detection Systems worldwide for the marine market. Safety critical applications are our core business as we can provide systems and components fulfilling the highest requirements.

Fire detection systems, panels, smoke/heat/flame sensors. Manual call points etc

Electric Generators, Main Switch Boards,Power Converters,Electric Motors,Frequency Coverters And Integrated Automation Systems.

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