ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation (SEAROX)

Mineral Wool Marine Insulation – Fire Class – A&H, Thermal / Comfort Insulation, Pipe Sections & Rocktight cladding (substitute for metal cladding). MWMB, MFMB INSULATIONS, insulation pins and washers, ALU tapes, facing etc

Fire Class Accommodation Systems – Walls, Ceilings, Doors, Wet Units and Honeycomb Panels, Accommodation Packages with Furniture.

Flooring solutions for ships and Offshore plateforms. Gerflor STREAMO is an approved product range of vinyl floorings and finishes dedicated to the marine market, fulfilling the fundamental requirements of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Vinyl Flooring for Ships and Offshore Platforms, combined with the Floorings, the interior finishes including handrails, wall protection, skirting’s, stair nosing’s for floors and walls.

Galley, Pantry, Bar and Laundry Equipment. Vegetable slicer, Vegetable Cutter, Spar mixers, Peeling machine, Slicing machine, Cooking kettle, ovens, Holding cabinets and drawers, Range, Bratt pan, Fryer, Toaster conveyor, Bain marie, Cold cabinet, coffee machines, Water boiler, Waste disposer, Dishwasher.

Various Types of Electric, air and hydraulic Winches, Anchor Windlasses & Hoisting Equipment.

SBQ Plates, Bulb flats, Flats, Equal Angles, Unequal Angles and Beams. Round / Half-Round Bars, Square Bars, Coils, Plates, Profiles bending, Corrugated plates, Welded beams, Welded sub-assemblies

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Ship cranes We have a large custom overview of ship cranes. That includes dredging and cargo cranes, deck and gantry cranes, cranes for renewable energy, bunker booms, oil spill cranes, mobile harbour cranes, truck cranes etc. Fixed boom cranes,Knuckle boom cranes,Telescopic cranes,Cranes for subsea lifting work Cargo cranes, Store cranes.

ZÖLLNER pursues the ambition of making the traffic on waterways, Since 1946 the family business is a traditional manufacturer of acoustic signalling systems in the ship industry and it was able to become the world-wide market leader. The product portfolio ranges from high quality signal horns for ships of all length to luxurious models for mega yachts.

Air & Electric Whistle, Fog Light & Horn. Sound Signal Direction Detectors Elephant Ears, Flash Lamps, Indicator Column, Electronic Inclinometer, Signal Automation and Signal Switch, Bell and Gong and Sound Reception System.

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